Ready for the Right Turn

[DUMMY TEXT] … Post CIMA qualifications, you gain financial prowess and also learn the intricacies of management. The curriculum is focused on managing risks, forecasting the future and influencing strategies.  CIMA grooms you to rise to every type of challenge, handle the problems of today and tomorrow and thus shaping you as leader, an influencer and not just a number cruncher.  The ever developing competencies and personal and inter-personal skills will widen your understanding, change the way you think and make you as well as your CV shine.


One of the most important reasons for doing a professional course is the desire to earn well and the CIMA qualification is that booster. Though salaries depend on various factors like location, previous work experience, job title etc the global average salary of CIMA members is £64011, an increase from the previous years.

In India the average is Rs 25-30 lakh per annum which is much more than what the non-CIMA professionals earn. The 2017 global salary survey by CIMA shows that almost 58% members are satisfied with their salaries and 88% percent students are expecting a salary rise.


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